Medical Factoring

Medical factoring funding can be used for acquisition of new equipment, increase workers and physical provisions, and workplace improvements.

Accounts Receivables Funding via Diverse Medical Funding converts your bills of Healthcare, Health aid, or an HMO-PPO insurance holder into cash.

Medical Factoring is a proven way to help control your cash flow and accurately predict growth for your medical practice.

Our Medical Factoring Service Benefits Include:


• Free screened and qualified financing experts

• Optimum possible bids/offers for your HMO/PPO accounts receivables

• Collaboration with all types of private insurance

• Immediate financing method

• HIPAA Acquiescent, confidential, swift term sheet offer/payout

• No Compulsory contracts (No timeline for funding service)

• No Minimum Purchase required

• Numerous financiers and Investors

• Customer may receive multiple buyout offers from The DMF exclusive funding sources.

• The DMF marketplace is completely secure and all client details are kept confidential.

• DMF follows protection of medical data and privacy patient laws per HIPPA regulations.

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