Diverse Medical Cash Advance

Diverse Medical Cash Advance offers a cash lending system specifically designed to meet the needs of the medical community.

We strive to be among the most trusted cash advance companies uniquely equipped to serve medical professionals.


Diverse Medical Cash Advance does not compete with Volume ISO partners.

Our company is a direct funding operation which does not base business on broker deals. While we do check credit, our system is automated to alert you to credit decisions instantly.

And, rest assured, some of our customers have a FICO below 600.

Our understanding of the unique financial strain faced by the medical community has directed the course of the way we conduct business.

And, no, the payment history of your firm will never be shared with credit agencies. Diverse Cash Advance is prepared to satisfy two positions and you need only to net at 30%.

We are prepared to offer both daily and weekly payment options.

We know the needs of each medical office are different and we hope to alleviate some pressure with our tailored cash advance service.

Diverse Medical Cash Advance can help hire more employees, get new equipment or open another location.

Diverse Medical Cash Advance knows the country is better served when their healthcare providers are properly supported. 25% of our clients take 7 or more renewals based on the attention and trust we attentively cultivate.

It can be extremely hard to manage cash flow and still service your patients with the top of the line medical equipment and diagnostic services when third party payers hold the future of your practice in their hands.

Let us help you serve your patients effectively.

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