About Diverse Medical Funding

Diverse Medical Funding was developed to provide the hardworking caregivers in the medical field much needed financial support.

Our company is a medical funding network assisting medical providers in receiving funding for their accounts receivables.

We work with general practitioners, pain management facilities, chiropractors, MRI facilities, hospitals, pharmacies and other medical facilities across the U.S.

The funding we provide helps to improve practice cash flow allowing medical professionals to provide better services, purchase new equipment, expand staffing and physical facilities, the many tasks involved with helping a growing or established practice to thrive.

Diverse Medical Funding offers medical factoring, LOP (personal Injury) Lien funding, Medical loans and lines of credit, without the need for a credit assessment.

We offer standard credit based medical loans where needed.

Diverse Medical Funding specializes in billing and coding, collection services and other revenue cycle management services. 

We are experienced and knowledgeable of up-to-date technology to benefit medical providers, attorneys, and patients.

Diverse Medical Funding consults with healthcare professionals regarding no fault funding, plaintiff funding, workers comp a/r funding, medical factoring, and other necessary legal and financial topics of concern.

We provide collection and billing services in addition to new technology, software, and a unique directory database to improve the productivity of your practice.

Our services include accounts receivable funding for workers compensation, LOP personal injury funding, asset-based lending, and credit-based loans.

We are proud to provide you with our expert knowledge on navigating the financial legalities of the medical industry.

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